The Queen of Second Guesses

I’m going to blog for the Huffington Post.  If you didn’t hear that, I said I’M GOING TO BLOG FOR THE HUFFINGTON POST. Important people blog for HuffPo.

I'll back up and tell you what happened. Let me start by saying this whole thing has thrown me into a tizzy. It's Thursday, 4 days late for my self-imposed posting deadline. I've never been late for my own blog deadlines.

Remember back in April, when I posted my second piece and I told you I had an idea for a weekly column that would follow this crazy-ass journey of being and becoming a writer? I thought it should be in the Globe or the Star or the Post? Remember when I said that if Leah McLaren could get paid great money to write about whatever she wanted to, then why couldn’t I?

But then remember I figured why would anyone want to take a risk on an unknown quantity, and wouldn’t they rather hear about the escapades of someone famous?

Remember last week, after I got hacked I told you that an editor was supposed to review my blog?

Well I pitched the idea to HuffPo and received this in return “Thanks for getting in touch. I looked over the blog and seems like these pieces would be a good fit for our living section. Our editor for that section is away until Monday, but I will forward her this email when she's back.

A good fit for our living section. I let myself get a bit excited.

The editor of the living section got back to me and said Thanks for checking in! …I'm glad you followed up. If you like, you can send me your headshot, brief bio and first post and we can go from there.

If I’d like? Did she say If I’d like? I pitched it. Why wouldn’t I like? I dissected the e-mail to determine if it was indeed an offer, a sure thing. They did ask for a headshot, and a bio. Why would they want a picture of me if they didn’t want me? And my friend Ron pointed out that they did say first post, which implies one of at least two.

I let myself get anxious.

I decided to go with I’ve got the gig. While the Huffington post does not pay most of its writers (like me for instance), and has been criticized for it, I see this as a first step towards getting paid to write.

Do you know how the Huffington Post works? Because I didn't until I talked to the editor yesterday. Let's just say "gig" would be a generous way of describing the relationship. I now understand "If you like, you can send...". It's pretty much if anybody likes, and send whatever, whenever, as opposed to we badly want you because you're you. The kicker is I need to draw attention to my pieces. If they (some illusive editorial they) like something, they'll give it a more prominent spot. Otherwise, I can just let my friends know it's there, which is kind of what I already do.

So I'll revise my assessment from excited to potentially, sort of excited. Now I have to finish my first HuffPost. It's taking me four times as long as my own.





Congrats!! That's amazing! Make sure you post the link when it's up!


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