Stephen Harper

Harper's War on the Environment

If someone were proposing a toxic dump on the property next to mine, ignoring the scientific studies indicating it would poison the ground water and give me and my kids diseases (all the while telling me it was the key to prosperity and competitiveness and that I was anti-Canadian for opposing it) I'd be up in arms.

Even if it was going to employ 50 people.

Blue blue and more blue

I can’t believe how upset I am. Couldn’t fall asleep last night. Woke up at the crack of dawn, teary. This is just bad. The conservatives got zero comeuppance. For all their arrogance and tactics they were rewarded. The result is a huge nose thumbing solely to the liberals and the BQ. I can’t even feel happy about the massive surge in the NDP. Jack and Olivia at Stornoway. All dressed up with nowhere to go.