Will Meditation Help?

I keep taking Jon Kabat Zinn’s Full Catastrophe Living to the bathroom with me. I know it deserves better.

Back at it!

If I start with these words I’ll feel driven to finish something. I’ve felt guilty about not blogging for a week. That’s not like me. I can write my way through all of this, regardless how depleted I feel. I know that’s not the point of the blog – to put pressure on myself, but it’s my driver. It’s my only job – well that and getting better, which frankly feels pretty passive.

One Day – Just one cancer-free day

Turns out, cancer is everywhere. It’s not like I’m looking for it, but I'd have to stay home with the radio off not to hear it mentioned umpteen times a day. Like the 17 months when I was trying desperately to conceive, and all I saw were pregnant women.