Back in salty water

Remember the Beachcombers? The show Canadians of a certain age have all heard of and never watched. Well that’s where I am, on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Just up the road from Gibsons, in Roberts Creek. I’m watching huge cruise ships heading up to Alaska, and tiny tug boats pulling massive log flotillas back towards Vancouver. I have a thing for salt water. I’m reintroducing caffeine into my diet because a recent American study says that not only is coffee NOT bad for you, but it might actually be good.

Back on the horse

I miss your blogging…$&&@@

That’s the text I got on Valentine’s day from my friend Tom. As intended, it triggered action. Well first it triggered guilt, because guilt’s my favorite useless emotion, and now I’ve moved on to action. As in lying-on-my-bed-typing action.

It's a bumpy life

This weekend was my first maintenance chemo. Shabbas chemo. That would never happen at Mt Sinai. When we arrived the place was locked because who does chemo on Saturday? Even the staff hadn’t thought to open the doors to serve their weekend cocktail brunch.

Am I an ingrate?

I know, I know. You’re thinking: 

First Things First


My Cancer Plate

The first time around, I worried incessantly about the incidental finding on the image of my brain, and what it might turn up: the unexpected dead mouse.

Is it working yet?

Cancer has so many freaky parts. I write about them as they hit me. Up until now I’ve been in what feels like the uphill phase – the new world order. Moving bumpily toward the mid-point that may be the beginning of the end of cancer. Or not.

Back at it!

If I start with these words I’ll feel driven to finish something. I’ve felt guilty about not blogging for a week. That’s not like me. I can write my way through all of this, regardless how depleted I feel. I know that’s not the point of the blog – to put pressure on myself, but it’s my driver. It’s my only job – well that and getting better, which frankly feels pretty passive.

Party Girl

Last night I went to a party for my friend Tae, who is leaving for 6 months sabbatical in California. I know Tae can look cancer shit up from there, I've heard that Google and Google Scholar work in California.


“We thought we’d start the chemo on Monday.”

“But I have a meeting on Monday.”