Huffington Post

The comforts of complaining

My writing landscape looks different than it did a few weeks ago. I have less and more to complain about. I left for Cuba. The Huffington Post accepted a piece. The NYT Motherlode Blog exposed my nudity. Things went from there.

Huffpo – Make me or Break me

Ever since the Huffington Post invited me to spend my precious unpaid time writing for them, no guarantee of publication, my life has been thrown into a tailspin.

The Queen of Second Guesses

I’m going to blog for the Huffington Post.  If you didn’t hear that, I said I’M GOING TO BLOG FOR THE HUFFINGTON POST. Important people blog for HuffPo.

Agree to Disagree

When I was in Junior High everyone knew that Franky Giblon’s father used to climb onto the ice during his son's hockey games and scream constructive criticism at him. Some families just work that way.

It doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to be great

Talked in my last blog piece about Huffpo’s Complete Guide to Blogging rule perfection is the enemy of done. I love that line. Wish I’d coined it myself. I secretly think I should have been in communications or advertising. I’ve come up with some great slogans and one-liners over the years.

Feeding the Beast

Was reading the Huffington Post's Complete Guide to Blogging. Some might argue it’s dated -3 yrs in the online world is a lifetime - but it tells great stories, offers fine tips - some obvious but worth revisiting, and speaks with humour and intelligence to what I consider the relatively unchanging business of getting started.