Duking it out with my blog

Blog: “You ingrate, how could you just leave me hanging around waiting? I thought you cared. I thought you were punctual, reliable, thoughtful.”

Aviva: “I am. I was. I am. And anyway, it’s not like you’re on a street corner somewhere, exposed to the elements.”

B: “You’re right, sitting in cyberspace, open to everyone, wearing last month’s outfit is not exposure at all.”

I know an old lady who swallowed a fly…

So here’s the trajectory. I take a year off to work on a novel and short memoir pieces. Then I start a blog in order to put something out there, get some attention. To push traffic to the blog I post my work and comments on facebook. Now in order to get more traffic to FB and the blog I’m told I should tweet.

Tis the season

One day the writing about writing police will come knocking and tell me I’ve taken too many liberties with this blog. But until then…