If I stood in the streets of downtown Toronto every day dressed as a glam mouse, yelling clever things, after a while someone would put my picture in the newspaper, or interview me and I’d become a phenomenon like the Naked Cowboy in Time Square who is out there performing today despite hurricane Sandy’s imminent arrival. I’m not looking for notoriety but are notoriety and fame not just flip sides of the same coin? Being known for strutting (me and John Travolta) around naked in front of my kids is a form of notoriety so if that’s what gets attention – I’ll take it.

I’ve been viral but I wasn’t infectious enough. I started panicking last night that the power of the internet is not helping ME the way it should be. Sure we can all be wowed by the virality of anti-globalization, gangnam style and binders of women, but what can it do for ME? I’m not just being self-serving here – I mean the royal ME. Ok, I mean me, but it can be you too.

Here's my point. We go on and on and on about the power of social media and its global reach - and goodness knows if there was no social media nobody from China or India or Turkey would have accidentally spent 13 seconds on my blog and who’s to say it wasn’t the 13 seconds that changed their world. But I’m guessing it was more like the 13 seconds it took to post 42 Viagra ads in my comments section.

For most of us schleppers, if we’re lucky, social media might get us a recipe for black bananas, an artistic photo of someone else’s breakfast, and a reminder of a birthday we’d otherwise forget. If the route to fame isn’t through blogging, or writing, or yelling in the street, and since what I’m after is something a little more tenacious than my fifteen minutes, because I already had those – Canadian style but still – then what is?

Four million career coaches and sports coaches and life-style coaches who themselves are waiting for that illusive tipping point, pontificate for a pretty penny on the matter of fame and fortune (Oh ya fortune, don’t even get me started. It’s been a week since I told my universe of blog readers, twitter followers and FB friends that I wanted a $3.5 million book deal and has anything happened?) It’s not like I want fame for fame’s sake, (although I do want money for money’s sake) and I’d say I don’t want fame at all, that I’m just doing it for my dad, but I DO want something that resembles it.

And why doesn’t anyone answer me? Other than the Viagra advertisers and I’m guessing they’re bots. Don’t I ask enough questions? I’m yelling my head off here - in a fairly pithy, articulate and funny manner, I’m told, and a handful of people who have been to my house click LIKE. Bless the three strangers that have commented on this site. 

It’s conceivable one can’t make a career out of whining but I’m trying my best.



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