Jesus Is Coming

For those of you who have been waiting for a story I will give you this little one. It went in to the Aspen short short story competition. It lined up, I’m told, against 4,500 others, which made me feel good. Have a look at the winners -  some excellent stuff that tells big tales in no time at all! I’d like to believe my content was a bit risky, or religious in nature, that it otherwise might have won. Oh the things we tell ourselves to make it go down a little easier. But I’m happy to have written it. 78 words to tell a whole story is a challenge. Well worth trying.

Jesus Is Coming

Jesus is Coming – Call 762 – 8493. Seventeen, a barely minted agnostic, the billboard scares me. My quirky brain commits numbers to memory unprompted. I finger the porcelain, blond, Virgin Mary I stole at six - closest I’d ever get to Barbie. 

My mother, still knitting baby Jesus, drops me at the dorm - pat for a hug.

I dial the number.

“Bethel Mission… hello?”

“It’s Jesus calling”, I say. “I’m at the station can you pick me up?”

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