Agree to Disagree

When I was in Junior High everyone knew that Franky Giblon’s father used to climb onto the ice during his son's hockey games and scream constructive criticism at him. Some families just work that way.

Not the Plan

Got into my running gear this morning with a plan. Walked my kid to school and ran into the moms in the schoolyard. I’ve always had this secret feeling there’s a mom gang that I’m not part of, and while they are always friendly when I walk up, I suspect they have mom-gang plans they wait until I've left to execute.

Being Aviva Rubin

No doubt one of the reasons Being John Malkovich was successful is because he’s a famous actor and people allowed themselves to believe they were entering his actual mind.

The fact I’m not yet famous might make this less compelling, but I can offer a peek into my brain. Being Aviva Rubin.

Occupy Yourself

My friend Wendy asked if I was planning to use the blog to write about bigger issues. We spend a lot of time talking about this troubled world, and she’s only got so much patience for circular introspection.

Space – the cluttered frontier

Figure everyone has been wondering how the desk is working. I don’t hide the fact that tidiness and organization are not my strengths. While I’m capable of starting at clean, my rate of deterioration is impressive.

Dear Diary…

It doesn’t happen overnight

 I’ve hit a bit of a wall. It’s 2:15 am and I’m up crying, well sniffling. Things are always worse in the middle of the night but in the middle of the night that logic is never helpful.

Can writing distract me from writing?

I’m learning all sorts of things about being a writer and one of them is that fall is grants season – a busy time. The first deadline I’ll hit is October 1, on the heels of Rosh Hashanah.

Is distraction the enemy of productivity?

As someone inclined to look up from my writing desk when anyone passes my second story window, to make tea, coffee and snacks multiple times a day, to pee more frequently than my ageing bladder demands, to peruse the Facebook photos of complete strangers I’ve allowed one degree of separation to approve: I have given much thought to this question.