July 2012

A not so new day

I was sitting in a café with my computer about a year and a half ago when another writer I know sat down at the table beside me. I wouldn’t have used the title another writer at the time since I wasn’t yet bold enough to call myself one.

What’s a vacation?

I’m feeling a bit lost these days. It’s not a writing block exactly, more a directional dilemma. Yes, I’ve torn down many writing paths, some simultaneously over the last 22 months, but at this moment while many are wide open, no flashing signs are pointing or pulling me in any one direction, or any five. I’m grateful that so many directions are available, they just don’t happen to be beckoning, and right now I’m in need of beckoning.

Sorry I’m late, I was busy having it all

I’d tell you this was the hardest blog post to write but the truth is I couldn’t even open a blank page. That makes it the hardest post I’ve contemplated writing. (In case you're interested, I don’t compose online, I do it in Word, then copy. I don’t trust cyberspace because I can’t throw it.)

Blogola or Buy this fab shoe

I’ve been reading about ads and product placement on mommy blogs lately, and the ongoing ethical debate about the sell-out-y-ness of them. While it’s not as bad as scientists taking research money from drug companies, I understand that the authenticity of someone’s voice might feel compromised when they are trying to shove a stroller, a onesie, or miracle stretch-mark cream down your throat.