June 2012

As if running isn't enough

How complicated does a sports bra get to be? It can't be too complicated to wear or to tweet about.  "Pulls over the head. Leaves your tits two separate entities. (Or not)."


I bought the cell phone. Ya, that one. Do they even call it a cell phone anymore?

The problem with a smart phone is that if you’re dumb (technologically speaking) having a smart phone is a) no help b) likely to make you feel stupider. It’s like giving the Oxford English Dictionary with the magnifying glass to an illiterate.

Moving Earth

Aside from writing, which barely qualifies, I’m not much of a DIY (do it yourself) girl. I’m more of a GSE (get someone else) type. However, I felt the need over the past few days to move earth, (but luckily not heaven, because I wasn’t up for that). And so I did, buckets and buckets full.

At Home in My Blog

Sometimes I worry my little blog doesn’t get enough of my attention. Not that I’m feeding it less, just that it’s taking up less space in my brain.