March 2012

Hola Cuba!

I was told by a friend once, after writing a piece about Las Vegas, a place she loves and has been to many times, that it was a downer and depressing and she was sorry I had such a shit time. In fact I had a great time. It’s just Las Vegas is a tough place, a barometer for the US economy that packs so many of the excesses, realities and myths of America into a few bright, shiny, crumbling, over-hydrated miles in the desert. I guess I’m drawn to the shit. So forgive me in advance if I’m being a negative Nellie.

March Break

There have been many March breaks (won’t count them for you), but this is the first time we’re joining the queuing throngs at Pearson International Airport.

Meditating on sacred meditation

I’m not sure what possessed this Jew to take in the ½ hour lunchtime concert featuring Hymns on the Theme of Christ’s Baptism at Trinity College chapel. Perhaps it’s lifelong suggestions from friends and strangers that meditation would make me a better, calmer, more focused person.