February 2012

The Queen of Second Guesses

I’m going to blog for the Huffington Post.  If you didn’t hear that, I said I’M GOING TO BLOG FOR THE HUFFINGTON POST. Important people blog for HuffPo.

Ignorance is not bliss

Someone hacked my blog yesterday. My little nothinginmoderation blog. Should I be flattered that I’m hackworthy? As important to take down as the CIBC bank or the Pentagon? Now that it’s fixed I can be glib. Last night was not so pretty.

When I got home at around 11:00 there was an e-mail from my parents saying they’d tried unsuccessfully to access it.

A fruitful journey

I’m straying from my usual writing theme but since I made the rules, I get to play with them. And anyway there must be a metaphor in here.

I arrived home from a run in Scottsdale with two grapefruit. Not from the senior’s centre where they give them away for free, but off a well-hung tree I passed on route. Lest you think I stole them, there was a bag of bags hanging from the concrete fence and a sign, Help Yourself.

Under Pressure

On a morning walk our first full day in Scottsdale my mom said I should do exactly what I wanted to do this week away, not feel pressured to write. It was, after all, a vacation. She was right, but I considered it a vacation from the obligations of home – the pick-ups and drop offs, the groceries, the homework, the dishes – an opportunity to write at a relaxed pace and get a lot done. Essentially I’d be replacing pressure, with a more desirable, less-pressured pressure.

Into the desert

It’s not a metaphor. I’m in Arizona. Not quite the wandering-for-forty-years, Ben Hur, Bugs-Bunny-mirage-enducing, camel-train- type desert – more like urban sprawl, anti-immigrant sentiment enshrined in law, and forced lawns, green with better-used-elsewhere water, plunked in the middle of saguaro cactuses and mini-mountains that from a distance could easily be mistaken for large piles of dirt and rubble, waiting to be used for landscaping projects.