September 2011

Can writing distract me from writing?

I’m learning all sorts of things about being a writer and one of them is that fall is grants season – a busy time. The first deadline I’ll hit is October 1, on the heels of Rosh Hashanah.

Is distraction the enemy of productivity?

As someone inclined to look up from my writing desk when anyone passes my second story window, to make tea, coffee and snacks multiple times a day, to pee more frequently than my ageing bladder demands, to peruse the Facebook photos of complete strangers I’ve allowed one degree of separation to approve: I have given much thought to this question.


I left graduate school when I realized I wouldn’t make a notable contribution to the world of ideas.

Word Garbage

Here's my piece published in the Free Paper being handed out around Toronto this weekend.

There is garbage everywhere. It’s at the curb, on the side of the highway, overflowing from bins, captured in video clips of stinking bulldozed mountains. What about word garbage? Is anyone trying to figure out if we can send our spam to Michigan? our e-mails (210 billion a day) to Wawa? our word-junk into space?