June 2011

Is there time to write and fix the world too?

Was listening to CBC the other day as I was driving home from Canadian Tire with a trunk full of potentially toxic items - blow-up boat, beach umbrella, picture frame hooks, Twizzlers, freezer containers, and heard Sandra Steingraber (a biologist, cancer survivor and environmental activist focused on toxins and kids) being interviewed about her latest book Raising Elijah

To the man who astounds and confounds me - Happy Father’s Day!

I’ve had a complicated and fraught relationship with my dad and often wonder why it is we still talk to each other. We fight about everything from the political to the practical – from feminism, to most aspects of how I run my day to day life, to why my front door is hard to open – “But it’s my front door dad!” My brothers and I all benefit from the jack-hammer-like insight he is incapable of not sharing. He claims to be an equal opportunity critic.

It doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to be great

Talked in my last blog piece about Huffpo’s Complete Guide to Blogging rule perfection is the enemy of done. I love that line. Wish I’d coined it myself. I secretly think I should have been in communications or advertising. I’ve come up with some great slogans and one-liners over the years.

Feeding the Beast

Was reading the Huffington Post's Complete Guide to Blogging. Some might argue it’s dated -3 yrs in the online world is a lifetime - but it tells great stories, offers fine tips - some obvious but worth revisiting, and speaks with humour and intelligence to what I consider the relatively unchanging business of getting started.

While you were sleeping

One of the good things about getting older (and I understand there are one or two) is that I need less and less sleep.