I published a book!

Lost and Found in Lymphomaland is not the memoir I wanted to write. But sometimes we don’t get to pick our topics, they pick us.

Back in salty water

Remember the Beachcombers? The show Canadians of a certain age have all heard of and never watched. Well that’s where I am, on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Just up the road from Gibsons, in Roberts Creek. I’m watching huge cruise ships heading up to Alaska, and tiny tug boats pulling massive log flotillas back towards Vancouver. I have a thing for salt water. I’m reintroducing caffeine into my diet because a recent American study says that not only is coffee NOT bad for you, but it might actually be good.

In memoriam: Lisa Bonchek Adams

The world is so much emptier without Lisa Bonchek Adams in it. She died of breast cancer this past Friday March 6th and I am just one of thousands who feel the loss deeply.

Diggers gotta dig. It's personal

There’s not a globally agreed upon definition of back on the horse. Well perhaps among the horsey set, but not in my circles. You could get back on it just once. But the expression implies more than that and sets up an expectation of things to come. Weekly things to come. I imagine friends, “friends” and strangers eagerly scanning the net and facebook pages over toast and coffee, or other delicious items they have photographed and shared, wondering what the hell I did over the last week and when they might expect to know.

Back on the horse

I miss your blogging…$&&@@

That’s the text I got on Valentine’s day from my friend Tom. As intended, it triggered action. Well first it triggered guilt, because guilt’s my favorite useless emotion, and now I’ve moved on to action. As in lying-on-my-bed-typing action.

Another New Year

In all its wisdom - and we know its wisdom to be vast because stuff you googled in private, like "Converse running shoes" or "chocolate fountains", shows up there for days after -  Facebook kindly generated “iconic” personal images to represent each of our 2014.

Hail Jochebed

Forgive me readers for I have sinned. 

Give Me Sleep

Someone was outside raking leaves at 6:00 am this morning. On the continuum of noise, raking leaves is not as loud as say, blowing them, or a car alarm, or an electric saw, or hammering, but when sleep has become a huge issue, anything can be a problem. And those leaves are dry and noisy. In the middle of the day maybe my brain could package that sound as classic fall, but at 6:00 am all I can come up with is thoughtless fucker.

My Remembrance Day

There’s something about this day. This hard day. This crazy beautiful day. November 11th. The trees still brilliant red and yellow. (Way to go Japanese Maples – you get the gold medal.) People out running in tank tops and shorts and poppies.

I didn’t get the 18 degrees memo so I peeled off layers as I ran, grateful for every stunning mild blue moment. I stopped at the light at Bathurst and Dupont and smiled at a woman walking her dog.

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was Halloween. It was cold and rainy and lots of kids came by. Not that I would know how many kids have ever come by before. I’ve always halloweened elsewhere. Before I had kids, I’d turn off the lights and hide in the basement – a total party pooper.

I ran out for candy in the afternoon. Since my porch light is broken and I “forgot” to get a pumpkin, I lit a bunch of candles in my front window. Very Shabbat meets Hannukah, meets haunted house.